Benefits Of Fasting

Benefits Of Fasting

The holy month of Ramzan is an intrinsic pillar of Islamic culture and tradition, and therefore it is mandatory to observe fasting by all Muslims, barring children and individuals suffering from any disease.

While many may think that prolong fasting may be detrimental to one's health, this isn't always true. In fact many believe that fasting during Ramzan is quite beneficial for their health. Apart from the health benefits of fasting during Ramzan, this aspect also teaches a devout Muslim the significance of sacrifice and understanding. Fasting during Ramzan essentially has become synonymous with a way of life for all Muslims and a way to become closer to Allah.

  • During Ramzan, Muslims have to abstain from food and water for long durations, this aspect deeply imbibes the importance of basic necessities (like food and water) in them and to sympathise with needy, which are devoid of it.

  • Detoxification: Researches have shown that fasting aids in detoxification and ultimately cleansing of body. During fasting, toxins accumulated in the fat cells, move into the bloodstream easily and help in release of these toxins at a much faster rate. This by far is the best health benefit of fasting during Ramzan and brings about rejuvenation to the body.

  • Appetite Balance: During a regular course of day, we are usually used to consuming three to four major meals and mostly over-indulge in food. Fasting during Ramzan brings about a change in eating pattern that brings about a marked shrinkage in the size of the stomach, in other words, one tends to eat less food to feel full!

  • Weight Management: One of the most dangerous lifestyle disease, Obesity today is heightened by sedentary lifestyle clubbed with lack of exercise. Fasting during Ramzan therefore brings about effective weight management. This aspect also brings about controlled cholesterol levels, responsible for various cardio-vascular diseases.

  • Heightened Nutrient Absorption: Fasting alters the body's metabolism in a positive way and aids in better nutrient absorption. This process increases many fold when it is clubbed with eating at night, a similar scenario that is practised during Ramzan. Also specific food items like dates and selected meats are rich in micro nutrients and protein, essential for the body.
  • Benefits Of Fasting

  • Fasting during Ramzan also makes a devout Muslim contribute (Zakat) and show generosity towards his/her community. This strengthens the feeling of generosity and builds a giving attitude.

  • Excerpts from Quran are read extensively during Ramzan, and it enforces the sense of right and wrong and acts like a guidance for all following the religion.
  • Benefits Of Fasting

  • Muslims have a disciplined structure to the days during Ramzan which build self-control and restraint, two very important virtues for a greater life.

  • Post the prayers, Muslim break the fast and eat together during Iftar, thus strengthening the bond of brotherhood in their community and otherwise.
  • Benefits Of Fasting

  • Ramzan is the month of deep prayer and devotion, bringing Muslims closer to Allah and value this life, bestowed upon them.