Eid-E-Milad, is an Islamic festival that celebrates the birth of Prophet and is observed during the third month (by the Islamic calendar). Unlike other Eid that are celebrated with much revelry, Eid-E-Milad has a subtle celebratory setting.

Apart from the other rituals, associated with this festival, Eid-E-Milad is celebrated in a carnival manner, along with mass processions across the city. Many believe that this festival is embedded in Sufism and celebrates pre-existence of Prophet Muhammad. This festival is also marked by chanting of hymns and long prayers to praise the Prophet.

One of the most important elements of these celebrations is reading from the Mawlid texts. Mawlid texts are considered very high in regard and basically composed of texts that reflect Prophet Mohammadís life with chapters reflecting his life. These include his lifeís history that includes sections about his ancestors, his birth, his young life and struggles, his married life and eventually his death.

Eid-E-Milad celebrations vary from each country. While some countries may celebrate it with great pomp and show (heavy decoration, special movie screenings and procession) other keep it low key.

This festival aims at enriching the minds of both young and old, with Prophet Mohammadís teachings and adapt it as a way of life. The day usually ends with donations to the needy, a very important aspect in Islam.