Eid In Pakistan

Eid ul Fitr Calendar
Weekday Date Year Name
Sat Jul 18 2015 Eid ul Fitr
Thu Jul 7 2016 Eid ul Fitr
Mon June 26 2017 Eid ul Fitr
Fri June 15 2018 Eid ul Fitr
Wed Jun 5 2019 Eid ul Fitr
Sun May 24 2020 Eid ul Fitr

Pakistan is an Islamic country. Thus, Eid is the most significant festival for the citizens of the country. It is just the same as Christians celebrate Christmas and Hindus celebrate Diwali or Holi. The Eid celebrations in Pakistan start a month before the eve of Eid during the holy month of Ramadan. Marketplaces are adorned with traditional decorative items and scintillating with lights.

Despite Muslims being busy in following the strict rules of fasting their enthusiasm does not dim. It only grows with each passing moment as Eid is coming. During Ramadan, they decorate their houses and prepare gifts for their loved ones. It is also the best time of the year to go for shopping as shopkeepers offer discounts and other attractive options. Everyone buys new clothes to wear on the big day.

On the auspicious day when the crescent moon is going to be seen in the sky, people wake up early and get ready in their new clothes to go to mosque. They offer extensive prayers and listen to the sermon of Imam. Little boys too accompany their elders in the mosque.At home womenfolk prepare delicious Eid delicacies after offering prayers themselves. Relatives and friends gather and celebrate the festival all day long.

In Pakistan, Eid-Ul-Fitr is also called as 'Meethi Eid' (Sweet Eid) and Eid-Ul-Adha is called as 'Bakra Eid' (Sacrifice Eid). On both Eid, Sheer Khurma is a must to be the part of feasts at homes.

It is a special dish made by mixing dates and milk, which is cooked till one-fourth of the original quantity is left in an open pan. Sheer Khurma is served along with sweet wheat noodles. Shops too are full of various sweets. Many sweetshop owners sell their special dishes. Most of these sweets consist of goat meat mixed with Khoya and khurma.

Eid is not only a one day show in Pakistan. The festivities continue for around a month. The entire aura is filled with jubilations and every heart is drenched into it. Despite all these festivities, Muslims in Pakistan celebrate Eid in most simple way possible. They enjoy but do not overdo anything. Instead they donate money for charity purposes. After all, the lesson of Eid is to bring a smile on other people's faces and destroy the evil inside.

Eid In Pakistan